This is Jolly. She is a 3 year old F1b
Labradoodle. Jolly's coat is a curly fleece, so far
all of her babies have had very curly coats also.
This is Gretel.  She is a multi generation
australian/american Labradoodle with an
exceptionally curly coat. Her puppies have
all had very curly coats also.
This is Fritz, owned by Curly top Labradoodles
He is a pure bred standard Poodle and the
primary stud for Jolly and Gretel. You can see
more information about him and the Curly top
puppies at
Adult Labradoodle
Meet Dutch. He is the newest standard Poodle stud at
curlytoplabradoodle.  Dutch is a Beautiful dark apricot,
who produces mainly cream, and apricot puppies. We
look forward to many puppies from this great natured
teddy bear.
Meet Honey.  she is sweet as honey and her apricot coloring is like looking at honey in
the sunlight. She is a multi generation Australian/American Labradoodle. Honey is fun
loving and carefree. She is a natural around small children and has an extremely gentle